Kendrick Lamar, Swimming Pools

This weekend in Portland…

Over two evenings, Curtis will perform the following compositions which were written expressly for him.

Friday, February 15, 8pm:
Naldjorlak (2005) by √Čliane Radigue

Saturday, February 16, 8pm:
Slices for Cello and Pre-recorded Orchestra (2011) by Alvin Lucier
Untitled (2010) by Mieko Shiomi
Rice and Beans for Charles Curtis (2008) by Alison Knowles

My pants never stay on very long once I lock my studio door. (at Towne Building)

Erica Allen, Untitled Gentlemen 2009

Reorganizing my curatorial website & recalling the many talented people I’ve worked with over the past 10 years…

Amani Olu, Amy Stein, Anna Knoebel, Bradley Peters, Breanne Trammell, Carey Kirkella, Clayton Cotterell, Dalton Rooney, David Horvitz, Devon Dikeou, Elizabeth Fleming, Erica Allen, Erin Jane Nelson, Esopus Magazine, Geoffrey Ellis/Sadkids, Gerald Edwards III, Grace Kim, Greg Wasserstrom, Hana Tanimura, Humble Arts Foundation, Jane Gang,
Jason Fulford, Jason Polan,

Jenny Holzer, Jimmy Limit, Juliana Beasley, Lay Flat, Luke Ramsey/Islands Fold, Maximilian Haidacher, Michael Shelton (LBK), Mikael Kennedy, Modou Dieng, Noah Kalina, Peter Riesett, Peter Segerstrom, R&S Media, Rachel Sussman, Ryan Foerster, Sarah Forbes Keough, Sari Carel, Stephen Watt, Stephen Wong, Tess Knoebel,
Todd Hido, Umelec Magazine, Vincent Dermody,
Whprwhirl Records, Zingmagazine

John Wesley, Phenomena, 1983

This weekend in Portland…

A Talk (Angie Keefer)
A Performance (Curtis Roads)
A Screening (Douglas Sirk)


Gettin weird in the studio. (at Towne Building)

Eclectic, AL 2012

I picked up this old book from 1925 in an Alabama flea market- How To Look at Modern Pictures. Just discovered this newspaper clipping tucked inside.